Tournaments (London Junior Mustangs)



Tournament Policy

In order to maintain compliance with the rules and regulations set out by Alliance Hockey in regards to booking and playing in tournaments please read the following and alter your tournament plans if needed.

4.8 Regular Season Tournament Policy

.1 ALLIANCE Hockey Member Associations Representative AAA, Seeded and Minor Development teams are restricted to four weekends, plus a fifth which must be the Christmas Break, Novice MD three weekends, plus a fourth which ust be Christmas Break whereby teams are not available to schedule games. In most cases this would be tournaments but for definition purposes will include team functions other than tournaments, team building weekends, educational trips to NCAA Schools etc, and will be known as weekend omissions. Pre-Season Tournaments will not count towards the Policy. Play prior to the following dates will not count AAA, Labour Day Weekend, Seeded 1st weekend after Labour Day, Minor Development, the last weekend in September. Representative Seeded League teams that split in November are permitted two weekend team omissions prior to the split to determine “AA” and “A” league play. The four weekend omissions must take place prior to play-downs and playoffs as per 11.4 Tournaments during Play-down and Play-off Competition. The exceptions as outlined in 11.4 will be in addition to the Regular Season Tournament Policy. Any additional tournaments requests must be directed to the Association Representative Council Member and will only be considered once play-downs and play-offs are complete or if a team can provide proof of an opening in the schedule due to a bye or early play-down exit. Cancelled tournaments will be handled the same way. A Silver Stick tournament qualifier will count as one tournament should a team have success in advancing to a second event.   Penalty to teams who do not adhere to the Tournament Policy will be a 5 games suspension to the Head Coach.